Inspired by family, my Italian heritage, and my love for wine, Vinissimo Wine Shop takes its name from several influences.

Most importantly, Vinissimo, an homage to my beloved father, Vincent (Vincenzo), a native of Italy, motivated me to pursue a career in food, wine, and retail.

My Italian roots run deep; my parents immigrated to the US from Italy in the ’50s. As a child, I spent five years living in Calabria, Italy. During my honeymoon, my wife and I meandered around a small Mediterranean village and stumbled into a quaint wine market where I recall saying, “One day, I’ll open a wine shop.”

And what about the root words, VIN and VINO? VIN, French for wine, and VINO, Italian for wine -- Vinissimo Wine Shop practically named itself.

Our Location

2120 Central St.
Evanston, IL 60261

Sunday: 12-3pm
Monday: Closed 
Tuesday-Thursday: 12-7pm 
Friday-Saturday: 12-7pm 

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